Garden Hack: How to Grow Carrots

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Carrots are a popular root vegetable that’s easy to grow as long as it’s planted in loose, sandy soil. But before your started, make sure your soil is fertile and healthy to plant in. It is because in house building sometimes asbestos fibre material found and it can affect human wellness in case your children like to play with soil and unexpectedly asbestos fibre get inhaled. If you need help to evaluate them, Asbestos Removal Rockhampton Queensland are ready to do fast and accurate pre-inspection for the asbestos identification in your property.

Now, here’s what you need to know about planting, growing, and harvesting carrots in your garden!



As carrot fly is drawn in by aroma, companion planting works well to hinder attack. Intercropping spring onions with your carrots can assist puzzle the insects as they can’t locate the carrots due to the onions giving off a more powerful fragrance. I find the most efficient way to do this is to sow a row of spring onions around the border of the bed and then alternate rows of carrot/ onions within the bed. The onions will grow quicker than the carrots, however, because they have shallower roots they don’t contend for the area, enabling two crops to be raised in the space of one.

Chives and garlic work just as well; however, it makes more sense to grow a money crop of fast-growing carrots in between these perennial/ slower growing plants as the carrots will be harvested initially. Mint can also be used to discourage the flies, but due to its intrusive nature, it’s best to grow it in small pots which can be positioned around your carrots without the opportunity of them becoming a problem.


You can likewise utilise parasitic nematodes such as Steinernema Feltiae to help control carrot fly along with a whole host of other problem insects. The only problem with this is that they are rather pricey and unless you time your application right, you could still end up with roots which have holes in them.


If you don’t desire the inconvenience of creating barriers and you merely want to grow carrots without having to grow alliums with them, your best choice is to grow carrot fly resistant varieties. These specifically reproduced ranges have been produced to offer off much less of the insect-attracting smell and allow every garden enthusiast to grow carrots successfully. ‘Flyaway’ and ‘Resistafly’ are the two primary ranges to grow, both producing 15cm (6in) orange roots which are less prone to attack. There is also the less well known ‘ Master’ which is pretty much illness and carrot fly resistant. This snub-nosed range also has an RHS AGM to its name, so you understand it’s been executed its rates by the specialists and is extremely advised. ‘Oxheart’, which produces roots which are nearly as broad as they are long, likewise seems to have excellent resistance to carrot fly. This might be because this range produces less foliage than regular carrots, and less leaf swaying in the breeze means less odour for the flies to home in on.


If after all this, you still want to grow your favourite variety without developing barriers or anything else, there is one easy method to reduce the danger of carrot fly attack…. plant moderately and do not thin! By being frugal with your seed, this implies you do not need to thin your carrots to make space for the staying roots to swell, and the less you touch your carrots, the less fly-attracting smell will be produced. It’s finest to plant several rows of carrots in numerous places on your plot. Then you can gather the entire row in one go, leaving nothing for the flies to lay their eggs on!

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